A Simple Pricing

How many views, shares & transactions do you need per year?

Pay only for what you use:

How many studies do you need to view ?
How many studies do you need to share ?*
How many transactions do you need to do ?**

pay € to do views, perform Shares and Transactions and enjoy support

The more you use Lify.io, the more value we deliver:
Views : count of the studies viewed in Lify,
Shares: count of the studies shared through Lify: via url generation, email or Liveshare.
Transactions: count of the studies transferred to other institutions,

What if I use Lify in a private cloud setup?

The pricing will be the same, except you have to take into account the cost of cloud storage. 

What if I have data that needs migrating?

Our team provides data migration services. These services are free for a 1 source and come at an extra cost for additional sources. 

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

You can visit our Knowledge Base or email us at support@lify.io for more help. You can also reach us directly on Twitter (@lify_io).

Everything Included

All plans include unlimited access to all features:

  • Unlimited users & user groups
  • Unlimited modalities connected
  • Unlimited tags
  • Unlimited viewing
  • Horos, Osirix & Myrian integration
  • Audit trails
  • Monitoring
  • ...