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The Sainte-Catherine Institute of Avignon, a cancer screening and treatment center, recognized for its clinical research activity and the evaluation of new radiotherapy techniques, has chosen to make Lify & Myrian® available to all its practitioners.

Seamlessly integrated into the institution information system, Lify has been deployed as « deconstructed » PACS solution, in conjuction with Myrian as a diagnostic viewer and cancer screening module. Allowing more efficient teamwork, this partnership supports innovation within the oncology department.

« We appreciate the sharing of a unique visualization solution between departments, independent of any modality, to harmonise our practices. », comments Céline Belvédère, the Sainte-Catherine Institute imaging division manager.

As a first successful collaboration, this project initiates a more long-term partnership between Intrasense and Osimis. The two partners will combine their complementary expertise on other new projects, based on their independence and a high degree of adaptability.