We're on a mission to help clinical teams grow by doing imaging the modern way while building a great company at the same time. We're looking for smart and passionate people who want to join our team and to be part of the venture...

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What is

We're a team of 9 people working to make medical imaging team's lives easier. helps medical imaging teams to automate their daily job. We're on a mission to make collaboration around medical imaging more intelligent and less cumbersome. was started in 2017 as an extension of the FSF Award winning Orthanc open source project. Today we're honoured to be the tool that 100s of people use every day.

Where will I work?

Our main office is located in the Liège Science Park and we also have an office at the Cyclotron Research Center at ULiège. We currently ask team members to come to the office 3 days per week. The other days you can work in the place that makes you happiest (home, cafe or at the office if you prefer).