Manual uploads

Lify connects every desired modality to access all your files in a timely manner. Simpy launch a Query/retrieve with our advanced research bar to find a specific study.

Avoid reading disruptions. All the modalities are accessible through one platform that give you seamless access to your next study while reviewing the current one. 

Upload studies from a distant modality

The Query / Retrieve feature bridges your institutional PACS with the Lify platform. An interface for querying and viewing the results makes it possible to access the studies and to check whether they have been loaded on Lify or not. Launch multiple upload at a time and get access to the uploaded studies in a timely-fashion. 

Import via CD

Lify also allows the import of a study from a CD.

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"The clinical staff likes the flexibility and robustness of the solution. Moreover, the Lify team offers great support when needed."
Patrice Sapey - Institut Sainte-Catherine Avignon

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