Empower your patient

Patient images and reports can be accessed through a secure log-in on every platform or browser. Once they are logged in, they can check up on their studies through the webportal, with an access code received at the hospital.

The portal allows patients to view and decide if they want to share their study with other institution, other physician or non-physician.

Besides the reduction of unnecessarily repeated studies, it ensure a better workflow and save time and expense by avoiding CDs or other media.

Physician portal

Studies are automatically provided to physicians, according to a specific filtering process. Physicians therefore have immediate access to the study of their patient wether they are on or offsite. An account is created and automatically, every medical imaging result from his patient is transferred to his account.

This allows referring physician to access securely images and reports more quickly no need to use CD or DVD. An automated process that saves time and, as a result, improves the patient's care path.

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"The clinical staff likes the flexibility and robustness of the solution. Moreover, the Lify team offers great support when needed."
Patrice Sapey - Institut Sainte-Catherine Avignon

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