Exchange studies with an external hospital

Interact with peers across multiple institutions. Disparate and differently branded PACS systems are now linked (so are the stored patient studies). Together, institutions create cross-enterprise imaging workflows, improve collaboration and help deliver higher quality care in less time. Depending on the workflow, studies may be imported into the local PACS manually or automatically.

Securely exchange studies from one PACS to different branded one via the web using the DICOMweb standard. The solution includes an automatic reconciliation procedure that questions the Electronic Health Record (EHR) of the destination hospital, updates the patient ID in the study, updates the EHR with an HL7 record, and stores the study in the destination PACS.

Use case 1 : a study is sent from Hospital A to Hospital B.
Use case 2 : a study is sent from Hospital B to Hospital A and the PatientID is reconciled automatically.
Use case 3 : a study is sent from Hospital B to Hospital A and the PatientID is reconciled manually.

Maintain data integrity

Before the storage of the study in the distant PACS, the PatientID is reconciled. The software will extract metadata from the study (such as National Registry Number, Patient BirthDate, PatientName,...) and queries the receptor's Electronic Health Record.

Once the receptor's PatientID is found, the PatientID is injected in the study. If no no match was found, an alert is sent to prevent the necessity to perform a manual reconciliation

Enhanced CD imports

This option allows to import studies from a CD-rom (or a folder) and push them in the Interhosp flux.

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