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Jérémy Evrard
March 1, 2019

Enhanced search (Rel 19.3)

Several search options have been improved in this releas

Patient name

In the search option you can search on the full patient first and last name or parts of it.

For example searching for patient John Doe can be doen in the following way:

  • John Doe
  • Doe John
  • Doe J
  • Do John

And other combinations.

Use of wildcards is allowed but not required.

Accession number

A field is added to the Search screen to search on accession number.

Patient ID

From this release onwards it is possible to search on a part of the patient ID e.g. first or last 4 digits. The result might return more than one patient.


The list with modalities to search on is extended and now lists the most common modalities.