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The operational team can count on a strong board with an extensive scope of competencies.

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Liège, April 2nd 2019. Osimis SA announces that it has completed its third round of financing of EUR 2.3 million in order to continue its development.

Based on the free and open-source Orthanc technology, Osimis' Lify ® solution simplifies the exchange and consultation of medical imaging studies. The platform is very ergonomic and appreciated by many experts.

Patrice Sapey, Director of the Saint-Catherine Cancer Institute in Avignon: "We found in Lify ® a certain flexibility, responsiveness and tool customization of the tool goes beyond the robustness of the system that had already been validated by our IT teams”.

"Expert in a niche global market, Osimis aims to strengthen its presence in Europe, North America and Asia. The Osimis team is the main contributor to the Orthanc open source project for medical imaging. Orthanc has been downloaded more than 230,000 times and is used in 192 countries. Lify ® is Osimis' proprietary platform that allows for a fast and ergonomic grip and deployment of Orthanc for the health industry: inter-hospital exchanges, dissemination to patients, integration with partners in artificial intelligence, etc.

For its third year, Osimis has doubled its sales to EUR 0.5 million and is currently active in 14 countries. Among its 60 clients and partners, 22 are hospitals.

Holder of a doctoral degree in computer science from the University of Liège and specialized in digital image processing, Sébastien Jodogne, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), initiated the Orthanc project in 2011 in the department of medical physics of the University Hospital of Liège. He says: "As an initiator of the project in an academic setting thanks to the support of the University Hospital of Liège, I am delighted that we are thus opening a new page in the already long history of the free and open-source Orthanc ecosystem. The scientific and societal impact of Orthanc has been praised internationally and is part of a philosophy of openness and dissemination of knowledge. "

Frédéric Lambrechts, CEO, says: "This fundraising will enable us to accelerate the development and international expansion of the Lify ® platform. Our goal is to improve the clinical pathway and the patient's life, across all dimensions of medical imaging. Technology and innovation are first and foremost tools that must be put to the service of the patient. Our approach to this effect is to bring algorithmic innovation closer to clinical practice in the context of medical imaging. We are looking for computer scientists and commercial medical technology to keep up with demand."

Dr. PhD Erik Ranschaert, medical advisor and investor, states that “with Lify, Osimis brings an elegant solution that corresponds to the missing piece of the medical data puzzle. Data that is distributed throughout the hospital, can now be managed as a whole, therewith enabling to take the next step in personalized care.”

The company has just raised EUR 2.3 million from experts in medical technologies and formed an experienced Board of Directors (*): Marc Nolet (founder of Physiol, intraocular lenses), Trasis* (leader in radiopharmacy), Dr. PhD Erik Ranschaert (radiologist and expert in artificial intelligence), Jacques Galloy* (Gaudeto, digital imaging, chairman of the Board), Frédéric Lambrechts* (CEO) and specialized funds: W.IN.G* / SRIW, Noshaq / Spinventure* (Meusinvest group) and BeAngels.

On behalf of the new shareholders and W.IN.G, Damien Lourtie, General Manager, said: "We are pleased to once again confirm our confidence in Osimis as this investment is fully in line with the new strategy of the W.IN.G fund, which is to support the growth of companies active in the digital transition."

Noshaq / Meusinvest showed great interest in Osimis, the first spin-off from the Liège University Hospital. "We believe that this project has real potential for development and contributes to improving the patient's care pathway. It strengthens an emerging Medtech cluster in the Liege region." Explains Marc Foidart, Deputy General Manager of Noshaq / Meusinvest.


Frédéric Lambrechts (CEO):

Jacques Galloy, Chairman of the Board

About Osimis:

Osimis is a pioneer in the field of medical imaging software solutions, associated solutions and related services to enable the interoperability of actors in the clinical field and medical research. Incubated by WSL and located in Liège (Belgium), the company employs 15 people for sales of approximately EUR 0.5m. Based on the worldwide success of Orthanc, Lify ® offers an ergonomic and efficient solution for medical imaging professionals.

About Orthanc:

Downloaded more than 230,000 times worldwide since 2011, Orthanc is a free and open-source server for medical imaging compatible with Web technologies. For his work on Orthanc, Sébastien Jodogne was awarded one of the international free software awards given annually by the Free Software Foundation in Boston (USA), notably following Guido van Rossum (Python, 2001) and Wikipedia (2005) .

The Sainte-Catherine Institute of Avignon, a cancer screening and treatment center, recognized for its clinical research activity and the evaluation of new radiotherapy techniques, has chosen to make Lify & Myrian® available to all its practitioners.

Seamlessly integrated into the institution information system, Lify has been deployed as « deconstructed » PACS solution, in conjuction with Myrian as a diagnostic viewer and cancer screening module. Allowing more efficient teamwork, this partnership supports innovation within the oncology department.

« We appreciate the sharing of a unique visualization solution between departments, independent of any modality, to harmonise our practices. », comments Céline Belvédère, the Sainte-Catherine Institute imaging division manager.

As a first successful collaboration, this project initiates a more long-term partnership between Intrasense and Osimis. The two partners will combine their complementary expertise on other new projects, based on their independence and a high degree of adaptability.

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