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Veolity is a reading platform dedicated to lung screening program. It combines lung CAD of solid pulmonary nodules, integration and automatic registration of prior studies and creates the associated report.

- Highly optimized reading workflow : Veolity organises the reading workflow allowing to quickly generate a report. From preparing optimized worklists to fast opening times achieved by automatic preloading, everything is prepared to immediately start reading. Additionally, all images are sorted into an intelligent layout. The visualization adapts to the situation. The reports generated is based on the LungRADS criteria and includes all reported nodules over time. 

- Automatic nodule segmentation : A double-click on a suspicious region automatically segments solid, part-solid, or non-solid nodules in a reproducible way. and provides automated measurements such as diameter and 3D volume. If the user needs further adjustments on the automatic results, easy tools allow changing the segmentation quickly.

- Seamless integration of prior cases : When a new case is sent, Veolity checks for existing priors studies on PACS and automatically maps prior findings. All cases of a patient are run through the accurate registration algorithms, generating a complete anatomical mapping. This allows not only to work with the images synchronously, but also to propagate any prior finding to the current case.

- Fully integrated solid pulmonary nodule CAD : Veolity automatically marks regions that are suggestive of solid pulmonary nodules to quickly identify regions that demand further analysis. Each case is processed by an FDA approved CAD algorithm detecting actionable lung nodules and highlighted to the user. Extensive validation of the algorithm showed a high sensitivity with a low false positive rate, making it the second pair of eyes for the radiologist. 

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