Store and Explore Medical Imaging Studies

Lify integrates all medical imaging studies and associated reports from external PACS, DICOM facilities, CDs or folders on a single platform.

Import studies by loading one or more studies simply by drag’n’drop or through full DICOM integration.

Quickly access remote studies through an advanced query & retrieve.

With its tag management, Lify provides a flexible and configurable foundation to organize studies within your institution.


Multimodal zero footprint viewer

Access cutting edge technology viewers to fit the specific needs of your specialisation through a single platform.

Visualize DICOM (MRI, CT, scan, …) and anapathologic images on the same platform with a rich tool set (zoom, pan, windowing, magnifier, Hounsfield,...)

Reports are displayed in a viewport. Zoom, search, set the viewport to full screen, print and download the report.

We do not believe in a one-fits-all approach so Lify integrates third party pionneer viewers. 


Get connected, be collaborative

Grow referrals and eliminate the frustration and cost of CDs or VPN. Lify enables cross enterprise medical image exchange and collaboration.

Instantly, simply and securely share studies to anyone in the world via email or a generated url.

Improve your workflow, give access to your patients' studies and increase their satisfaction. Lify Patient Portal is a secure portal that allows patients to play an integral role in their medical care.

Share your insights with other physicians in real-time, using your web browser and our zero footprint HTML5 medical imaging viewer.


Highly customizable

Lify fully integrates with your existing health system application and to other e-health application at all level in a timely manner.

Save time and increase efficiency by seamlessly integrate Lify with your existing health system (EHR, RIS, LDAP, Active Directory,...).

All the tools for the analysis of medical imaging exams (MRI, CT, Conventional, Nuclear, 2D, 3D or 4D) are available, either within Lify or through an integrated 3rd party diagnostic viewer.

Lify provides an open API to connect the machine you want to the workflow you use.

Happy customers

Patrice Sapey

"The clinical staff likes the flexibility and robustness of the solution. Moreover, the Lify team offers great support when needed."

Institut Sainte. Catherine - Avignon (France)

Head of Purchasing dept.

Benoît Degotte

"Lify has greatly contributed to the fluidification and rationalization of image exchange. It has helped us improve collaboration between the care institutions,"

CHR Citadelle - Liège (Belgium)

Head of Purchasing department.